Felixstowe United Reformed Church

© 2018

Called to be God’s people, transformed by the Gospel, working to make a difference in today’s world. This is the United Reformed Church, of which Felixstowe URC is a part.

Morning worship is held every Sunday at 10.30 am. On the second Sunday of each month we celebrate Holy Communion.

We have a wide variety of preachers while we are in an a ministerial inter-regnum who give us an interesting mix of messages and worship styles.

We are a United Church but also committed to the Reformed tradition with a passionate belief that all God’s people should be one.

Felixstowe URC came into being in 1972 when the United Reformed Church was formed as a union between the Congregational and Presbyterian churches. Our two local churches were St George’s Presbyterian Church and Felixstowe Congregational Church. Following other unions in 1981 and 2000 we have welcomed Welsh and Scottish Congregationalists and members of the Churches of Christ.

The URC is a multicultural church rejoicing in the gifts this brings, seeking to hold together a wide variety of theological understandings and valuing different insights.